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General Process


Before beginning, decide where you will be putting your quizzes/exams in your new blackboard space. You may want to create a Quizzes/Exams area, if your course structure is to mimic that of your webct course. You can also publish the assesments to content areas, such as a lectures folder. You can always move the quiz later, but it is helpful to know where the file is going.


This process is also available as a video tutorial.


Download existing quizzes and exams


  • Open respondus, set Current personality to be WebCT 3.x-4.x (see example)
  • Go to retrieval & reports, select retrieve questions (see example)
  • Connect to the WebCT server using the wizard or entering settings manually (hint: you should just need to complete step 2 in the connection wizard and click the extract button to get the appropriate settings. otherwise, see example)
  • Save the file.


Convert the quiz from webct format to Bb


  • Go to the Start area
  • Change the Current personality from "WebCT 3.x-4.x" to "Blackboard 6.3 - 7.x". This will prompt you to convert the file type.
  • Enter a new name (e.g. history-final-bb) and choose "Save as new file >>"
  • Proceed to the Preview & Publish screen.
  • Select the Publish to Blackboard option
  • Connect to the Blackboard server using the wizard or entering settings manually
  • Publish the quiz to the appropriate area in your course.

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